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"Fight at Pine-House"
Viola, the flower fairy

Do you remember how we left Pine-House in the fourth part of this story, snake shooting?
... Big Toad and Frog crouched in the darkest. But there was something wrong there ...

Cap had noticed that just when many snakes were immobilized in the lifeless forms, others seemed to have dissolved into thin air as if the powerful magic of the flower fairy had no effect on them.
Magic? yes. That ethereal figure, dear children, was Viola, the flower fairy, the greatest friend of Fairy Elle.

The fairy smiled. She looked around to make sure no one was injured.
She greeted her little friends with a wave of her hand, pointed to something on the ceiling and walked away.
She could do nothing else for them. Her mysterious and powerful magic occurred only when Bosco's inhabitants were in danger.
The flower fairy knew that not all the snakes had turned into statues of salt.
The direct emanations of Uenena, the lady of Evil, had dissolved. Her magic could not annihilate the evil, she could only send it away. She was not able to do this but perhaps ... Fairy Elle ...

"Can anyone help me get down?"
The voice came from the ceiling.
At first no one understood.
Everyone saw only the chandelier, swinging.
A chandelier dressed with Grolla's apron?
Why had Grolla put her apron on the chandelier?
Then Turl flew toward the ceiling to look better all around.
When he came back down, he placed on Cap's hat and indicated the ceiling with a wing. Then he made a series of trills that reminded everyone the sound of a great laugh.

Molla, the elastic gnome, stretched to watch better, and just above the chandelier, she could see the chubby face of Grolla, as white as the whipped cream of her favorite cake.
He, too, started laughing.
Grolla was astride the chandelier. Her apron covered completely the lamp-shade.
Her arms were tightened firmly around the chain.
Large drops of sweat dripped from her forehead, slowly. Looking better, there was a not definable puddle of liquid in the middle of the table.
But no one had noticed it ... in that indescribable confusion!

"Molla, let me come down. I can't go on! - pleaded Grolla.
"But I can not come up there!"
"Take the stairs!"
"Um ... we have just broken it ... its rungs were perfect for making clubs ..."
"And what do I do? - Grolla was desperate and began to get angry too. Very, very angry.
Her arms were to yield to fatigue. Her hands were wet with sweat.
She slipped down, inexorably, inch by inch.
She would never have been able to catch hold of the smooth glass of the lamp in those conditions.

Gnomes' noses were thrilled, all facing outwards. In reality very few of them believed that Grolla was in real danger. And all could hardly restrain their laughter.
The situation was comic ... without any doubt!

None of them had ever seen Grolla so untidy and dishevelled.
Grolla, that has never had a hair out of place, now seemed to have a tangle of threads on her head.
Grolla, who always dressed her starched apron - indeed, more precisely a full-flared apron - that covered her in a chastened way, showed at that time two chubby legs :))
And ... you can not believe it ... her apron had always hidden a couple of delicious knickers ... so coquettish ... lace included! And a pair of ankle socks, embroidered ;))
The gnomes blinked, surprised.
Their face showed true alarm only when ...

Do you want to know what happened to Grolla, dear children? Read "An unusual parachute" :))

In the picture you can see Viola, the flower fairy. Cute, right?

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