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The story of the three eggs and ... a little bird

When yesterday our special messenger made us find this photo next to our computers we didn't know precisely how to interpret it. Well ... a nest with three eggs of three colors: yellow, red and blue. The three primary colors, Carlo and I thought. Then three more eggs, and all three on their own. A purple egg (mumble, mumble ... we know purple is originated by mixing blue and red), an orange one (but we obtain orange mixing yellow and red, is it true?), and finally another egg, green (ah, yes ... yellow and blue, mixed together). It's simple, someone had fun playing with colors. .. but why three eggs all together and the remainings on their own? we wondered all day why there were all those plumes, an egg was covered with daisies and another was in a bucket. We really didn't know which way to turn!
The answer has come this morning, thanks to our special messenger ...
Read on, kids.

The lady gnome was enjoying the first warm sun of the season. Lying on the meadow among daisies, in the clearing just beyond the end of Bosco, she was looking at the clouds.
They seemed the lambs at Stalla (read cowshed) running after each other, spiteful. She always saw them when she went to buy cheese or milk.
She was so tired. She swept through the Pine-House, dusted, made ​​the exchange of the wardrobe, did the laundry, prepared the lunch. And now, waiting for everyone came home she had walked to the clearing. It was such a beautiful day ... the warmth surrounded her ... her eyes so heavy with sleep. One moment, only a moment, please. I feel so good here ...

A noise woke her. Oh, golly, how long had she slept? what time was it? she felt almost cool now. Was the sun no more out?
She sat up, rubbed her eyes and ... then rubbed them again. Two feet stood next to her. Two feet? Oh, for all the protectors of the gnomes in the Earth, discovered by Humans? She hadn't the courage to look up.
"Hey there, little one, listen to me! Please, I'm terribly in a hurry, do not make me waste my time! What a long time to wake up!"
Well, at least that creature spoke the same language she used in the world of magic. It was not a human. The lady gnome heaved a sigh of relief, but not completely. Not all the Magic-Born are always welcome. Everyone knew it at Bosco.
She raised her head slowly. Two long and thin legs, partially covered by a coat of colorful feathers. And after the coat a cloak that covered the face completely. A little disturbing. Who was he? Could she trust him?
"Are you afraid, Grolla? Don't worry!"
"How can you know my name? I don't know you. "- the lady gnome asked.
"No questions, please. They're chasing me. They are looking for my eggs. Luckily I heard you snoring. Here are my eggs, I entrust you with them. Keep them as your most precious treasure. The future of Magic-Born depends on these eggs. I appeal to you!". No sooner said than done, he laid three beautiful eggs next to her. One red, one yellow and one blue.
Grolla had only the time to take a glance at the three eggs ... the strange creature was already gone. She saw only a swirl of colored feathers in the direction of Città (read City).
But you're faster than the wind coming from the East - she thought, still resentful for the words of the magic creature - to snore, me? when ever? I never snore, grunt!
Soon after, however, her resentment was replaced by the concern for the three eggs.
She was just in time to hide them in her apron, move towards Bosco and cover them with strawberries picked along the way that an elf stopped her.
"Hello beautiful lady gnome, where are you going? Ah, you've picked a lot of strawberries! Listen to me, haven't you seen anyone a bit strange in the neighborhood? dressed with colored feathers?"
His mellifluous voice was a trap: that was clear. Instinctively Grolla understood a true champion of evil was in front of her. A magician, a sorcerer? hard to say. It certainly was camouflaged. An elf that one? Absolutely not!
If at first she felt cool now there was the chill of winter round her. Now only a thing was imperative. He hadn't to know she knew!
When she wanted Grolla knew exactly how to become a true champion of false innocence and mischief.
"Oh, mister elf, yes, I have. I've seen something running like the wind, all colored. He has also made me spin like a top. He was going to Città. Nowadays people have no good manners! You can't even walk in Bosco that anyone can jostle you and make you fall to the ground. Sgrunt! If you are able to reach, tell him he's the rudest creature I've ever met! "
Once said that, Grolle went away. Her chin up. Looking huffy. Making the false elf understand that she was very irritated.
But her heart was missing a beat. She was trembling inside but hoped to fool the false elf.
Nothing happened and she went back home thinking all the time.
Of course that creature with all these colored feathers was really a great magician. Who else could know her name without knowing her? The other one, the false elf, certainly had less magical powers.
Meanwhile Grolla had a great problem. Where could she hide those three eggs, so colorful?

Grolla wasn't lacking in initiative. Homewards she began thinking where she could have seen similar colors.
Of course. A short walk from Pine-House, hidden in the bushes, there was a nest of golden pheasants. A couple of very beautiful pheasants.
Certainly Mrs pheasant was brooding at that time. What better hiding?
Grolla had given the pheasants the straw for their nest. They would have done​​ that favour surely.
Well, their favour would be greater than her favour, just a bit greater. What did it cost to these two beautiful pheasants pluck themselves a bit to camouflage better the eggs?
Sure to have found the solution, Grolla walked toward the nest.
The hiding place was perfect! The golden pheasants heard the story and, being very fond of Grolla, accepted immediately.
Grolla came back home with a big smile on her face.
The other gnomes sensed there was something mysterious but they weren't able to get a word out of Grolla.

The days passed slowly. As soon as possible Grolla made ​​a quick visit to the couple of pheasants. Everything was going well. The eggs were safe and even hatched. She had been really good!
One day, while she was hoeing around Pine-House to plant some primroses, she felt the same chilliness that had invested her after taking the eggs into her care.
She plucked up courage and effaced the eggs and everything that could lead to them from her mind.
She turned and saw the false elf. She greeted him with a smile and asked, "What brings you here, dear elf?".
"I come and seek you, dear lady gnome, because the other day when I met you I lost three colored eggs that are very dear to me. Did you see them by chance? I thought maybe you had found them and brought home. They are so beautiful! "
The false elf smiled while speaking but his eyes were black and very small. Quite disturbing.
Grolla told him seriously: "I didn't , don't you remember I had an apron full of strawberries? and then if I need eggs I have my hens. Will you see them? They are dwarfish hens from Padua, beautiful, but so petulant. They lay eggs but never hatch them."
While speaking Grolla pushed the false elf into the henhouse with the excuse to show him those particular hens. She seemed so calm that the false elf fell into the trap. He looked around and then walked away. That lady gnome hadn't the three eggs.
What Grolla didn't know was the false elf had also looked for the eggs at Pine-House when she had gone to visit a friend.
Escaped danger.
But be on her guard, dear Grolla!

One day Mr pheasant came to Pine-House, quite out of breath.
"Grolla, Grolla, you have to come with me at once!" The beautiful male looked around, very circumspect.
Grolla followed him and when she looked at the nest she nearly fainted.
The eggs were no longer red, yellow and blue. They had changed their color. Now they were purple, green and orange, but always beautiful.
It was as if they were mixed together.
"Farewell safe hideout " Grolla said to Mrs pheasant.
Mrs pheasant pushed the three eggs in Grolla's apron with her bill. She was sorry for what had happened. After all, she had grown fond of them.
Grolla thanked and said goodbye.
Homewards, sad and thoughtful, she looked at those three eggs now and then. It was quite clear they were magical. But how could she protect them?
In the meantime, she had arrived to the meadow near Bosco. Perhaps the place where everything was born would have suggested what to do.
In fact ....
As she sat up and looked at the green egg she noticed it had the same color of the meadow.
Here's the first idea! She chose a secluded spot where even the Humans couldn't go. She dug a little hole, put her green egg and covered with daisies. No one would have seen it. She was safe and warm.
But she had other two eggs to hide.
Ah, why hadn't she thought of that before? she could seek help from her hens from Padua, couldn't she? They, lazy, could even pluck themselves, once at a time!
They could have camouflaged the orange egg with their feathers behind Pine-House.
But the purple one? It was a big problem. The violets were not quite purple in that year. What bad luck!
What was purple at Bosco and near Pine-Huose? Of course, all those little birds who always stole the grain for the hens in the bucket.
She would have asked them a favor in exchange for a portion of daily wheat for a year.
Do you think the purple birds have said no?
In this way Grolla managed to keep hidden all the three eggs and overcome other tours of an increasingly sullen and suspicious false elf.
But even the other gnomes never suspected anything. Think of it! Until a day, when a gentle rustling on the windows of Pine-House warned Grolla the mysterious colorful creature was back.
"I'm here to take my eggs. I know you still have them. They are about to hatch and have to open in a specific place to keep all their great magical powers. Pine-House has earned the purple egg for your valuable assistance, dear Grolla! Take care of its chick. You'll thank me. You'll understand when the time comes."
Grolla hadn't even to show the hiding places to that mysterious creature. But how could he always know everything?

We aren't able to answer to this question, dear children. And what kind of bird was born from that famous purple egg? you will know that soon. Meanwhile, we discovered why Grolla prepares such a strange decoration each spring. She simply reminds the adventure of the three eggs.
Have you understood?
Would you like to do the same decoration? follow our instructions to make the decoration of the story of the three eggs and ... a little bird.