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The origins


We are sorry, nobody was there to take a photo of such an event, dear children. But try to imagine while reading ...

The big butterfly is going slowly.
A beating of wings and then she lets the gentle breeze of the morning carry her. She has left cold and warm seas, deserts and icelands, forests and meadows, countryside and cities behind her.
But now she feels tired  and also the small bundle that tightens gently between her legs is showing signs ofrestlessness. Finished the cover of royal jelly?
The big butterfly calculates quickly. Yes, that's it!
She looks below. Her antennas vibrate. Her travel is going to finish. Just in time.
So what are her coordinates?
They correspond to that pine there.
So big and majestic it will certainly be a safe place.
"Cheer up! - she says to herself - it will be the hardest part of my flight. I have to be careful!"

Grolla is hanging out her whashing. The morning is very beautiful. At dawn it was cold but now the temperature is ideal.
It is going to be a warm, beautiful spring day.
 bird friend keeps her company with its warbling as he is used to do.
She sighs happy working fast. She flaps the clothes, pulls them with her hands and then hang them with the clothespins to a rope that the gnomeshave placed back the Pine-House.
Tumb, stunf, click. Tumb, stunf, click.
Now she can hear the laughters of thegnomes coming back home.
"I hope the gnomes have found the strawberries - Grolla thinks - I just want a tasty cup of strawberry and pastry cream"
Tumb, stunf, click. Tumb, stunf, click.
Too much noise to hear the rustlebehind her.
Frufrù ... frufrù.
The bird has just stopped singing.
"I wonder why - Grolla asks to herself  -he always keeps me company until theend."
And when it is time to take anothercloth she remains open mouth. She is scared but also fascinated.
Before her there is a butterfly, almost as big as her and very colorful. She has never seen such a beautiful butterfly!
But the surprises are not over for the poor Grolla.
Found a bit of voice Grolla asks: "What's your name beautiful creature and where are you from? can I help you? have you lost your way?".
Grolle is unable to stand aside, she must always help everybody and she isoften criticized by gnomes for this.
"You'll see  one day you'll get  intotroubles! "
And in this case Grolla has no idea ofwhat is to happen to her and her friends.
But the butterfly doesn't answer to her or, in other words, she use no words with her. Grolla "feels" she must approach to the butterfly as if anyone was pushing her.
And she is approaching slowly.

The gnomes are coming back.
They are happy. They have a lot of strawberries, picked up at Bosco (read forest), and other goodness. They went far up to Orto (read organic garden) to find artichokes and peas. The first peas of spring. Tender and sweet, very tasty! They are already licking their whiskersthinking  Grolla preparing risotto with artichokes and peas for lunch.
"What's going on? -  the leader asks -I've never seen a butterfly with  so big and colorful wings ... and Grolla what is she doing beneath it? "
At first they don't understand. They are worried. Is Grolla in danger?
They start running. They call her.
But something strange happens to them too. An inner voice calms them. Anxiety fades and leaves the place to agreat curiosity.
Grolla is standing. She is holdingsomething. It seems a leaf. The gnomes note a great tenderness in her eyes. They have never seen her this way and they have kwown her for centuries ...
She motions them to move slowly, not to speak and then bends down a corner of the leaf. Her friends can watch the enchantment she carries in her arms.
A beautiful little girl is happily suckingher thumb. She has two wide-open eyes that change their color as the clouds pass and thin and iridescent hair.
All are struck dumb! And thensuddenly, like a hurricane, everyone has to say something. And all together, obviously.
"She is wonderful. Who is it? Has the butterfly brought her? What's her name? May we give her a name? But cover her, don't you see she is cold? Is she hungry? what do children eat? I know, the children at Città (read city) drink milk! Run, run. Go and buy it at Stalla (read stable). I hope there is some milk left, it's too late! Is it possible in this house nobody has ever thought of stocking milk? I've always said that we lack everything. She needs some nice little dresses. I have in mind a beautiful romper suit made with rose petals. Have you seen how many roses have sprung up in recent days? "
"Shut up everybody - Grolla screams atone point - Shut upThe butterfly is trying to talk."
"I hope she doesn't take the little baby away - one of the gnomes whispers  - Ihave already fond of  her ... ".
Then the silence. And the silence is  not broken by words. The butterflyspeaks directly to the heart of her newlittle friends.
"My name is Fral. I come from Bestshadar, the Fairies' Kingdom.
Every year in spring water lilies bloom in the magic lake. Each lily is the cradleof a new fairy. Every of us, butterflies of Bestshadar, have the duty of bringing our little fairy to the assigned place and looking after her. Is this Pine-House? are you Grolla and her friends, the gnomes?"
"Yes" - Grolla responds in a whisper.
"Well, The Council of the Fairies assigned to you the high responsible task of bringing up the little Fairy Elle. Do you agree?"
Everyone looks at each other with eyes full of hope and then all together nod and bow their head, waiting for other instructions.
Fral warns her new friends Fairy Elleeatonly royal jelly ... just in time  ... she sinks into a deep sleep. 
Too tired to continue.

The family at Pine-House has two new members: Fairy Elle and Fral

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