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"Fight at Pine-House"
Take me with you!

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Do you remember how we left Pine-House in the seventh part of this story: Melody and the magic basket?
... "Brrr ... it's so cold! We'd better close this door! But you ... are not you cold?" Melody, the next pine lady gnome, the greatest friend of Grolla, was a very strange girl ...

Two big lips in a cute little face made ​​everyone think of a deep voice at first. On the contrary a faint but nice voice came out.
Two big, disproportionate hands recalled to mind a bodybuilder or a lumberjack. On the contrary, they were capable of artistic creations, so beautiful and delicate ... and delicious recipes, so scenic ...
It was Melody who wove Fairy Elle's clothes.
It was Melody who had taught Grolla to knead, cut, chop, cook ... in short, to cook great dishes.
It was Melody who knew and picked up herbs and flowers to weave or enrich her soups.
It was Melody the custodian of the secret of the magic basket.
And now it was Melody with the handle of her basket tightly in her big hands and a mischievous expression in her eyes who was approaching the table.
None of her friends had eaten that day.

Grolla ran to her, hugged her tightly and kissed her noisily on her cheeks.
Ah ... how many things she had to tell her friend.

Seeing her friend's chin trembling, Melody took the initiative to give her the time to compose herself.
She put her basket on the table and repeated the question:
"But you ... are not you hungry?".
She opened her basket and took out wooden plates, cutlery and glasses for everyone.
And then a tomato-and-mozzarella pizza, another with a lot of vegetables on its top, a savory pie with escarole and raisins, another with turnip greens and beans, a flat bread with chickpeas, a large bowl full of hot potato-and-pasta soup, a lot of apple pies.

"That's all, Melody? - asked Molla with an ironic smile. He was used to see all sorts of food coming out of that basket. "No, no. I can't reach the corner ... ah, finally! - and she also took out bottles of wine, water, milk, a lot of bread, a box of sunflower seeds for birds and a tray full of bugs for Big Toad and Frog.
And in the end, a beautiful and colorful tablecloth.

After less than a minute in the kitchen of Pine-House you could hear only the sound of mandibles and jaws.

Great Melody! If it wasn't for her, most of the inhabitants of Bosco would go to bed without dinner that day.

Appeased her hunger, Grolla took courage and decided to ask Melody what had been tormenting her since her friend had opened the magic basket.
"Um, listen to me Melody, please ... Cap has an idea. He'd like to go to Città tomorrow, to sell all these salt snakes at the market. We desperately need money to repair the essential before the return of Fairy Elle. Can you ... may you give him your basket? - she completed in one breath.

All were silent. Some even stopped breathing ...
Melody swallowed the last bite of her apple pie.
She wiped her mouth with her napkin and placed it neatly folded on the table.
Then she looked at Cap's eyes.
"Yes, but under one condition ... Take me with you!"

A new adventure is going to begin. Do you want to know more about Melody and Cap in Città, dear children? :))

In the picture this time there is just one big question mark. Until now our special messenger has not brought us any photos of Melody or Grolla or gnomes. We must have patience ...

Would you like to eat what Melody cooked that day?
Here are the recipes to do with your mom!

Tomato-and-mozzarella pizza

Pizza with grilled vegetables

Savory tart with escarole and raisins

Savory tart with turnip greens and beans

Flat bread with chick peas

Apple cake

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Cross your fingers and hope that your letter is sent!