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"Fight at Pine-House"

Do you remember how we left Grolla in the first part of this story, Fral is back? ...
... She wasn't able to open her mouth ...

Her feet? stones, glued to the ground.
Her arms? inert, along her sides.
Her eyes? huge dark pools.
Sheer terror!

Because you have to know, dear children, that if there is one thing that Grolla is afraid of, that thing is called snake.

And now in front of her there were a lot of snakes. Too many snakes!

For a moment, too long for Grolla, the scene didn't change.
All was still. Grolla. Snakes. Even the wind had dropped.
The silence was broken suddenly.
Turl's song could be heard in the distance.
The gnomes were back.

- I'm not alone - thought Grolla, while a hint of life seemed to return in her feet. It was sufficient to make her turn back.
- I should not turn my back - she kept thinking - but ... damn it! ... I have to go home, close the door, the door ... the door! -
That word was a jackhammer in her head. And the fear was making her run at breakneck speed.

Thump, thump, thump ... Sbang!

"I'm safe." Large drops of sweat broke away from her forehead and mingled with her tears.

And Grolla stayed there.
Glued to the door.
Her arms outstretched as if she wanted to block it better.
Her legs spread. Rigid.

When she began to breathe again without sobbing, she focused her house.
- What's wrong? - she could still feel the danger around her.
She looked at her feet.
- Quiet. They can not pass under the door. - She thought.
Then, unable to move even a muscle, she moved her eyes. First right and then left.
- Too much light. Haven't I drawn the curtains before leaving? ... Noooo ... -
Even worse. Grolla hadn't closed the windows. That thought unstuck her feet from the ground and her back from the door.

She was very fast.
Heart-shaped window. Sbang!
Fungus-shaped window. Sbang!
- And the gnomes? how can they get in if I'm closing all? - But she didn't stop.
The gnomes had faced greater dangers in the past!
Pinecone-shaped window. Sbang!
- Come on! You can do it! -
Poor Grolla, she encouraged herself. But she stopped at some point.
The large window she had wanted over the sink was still open and she had to climb on a chair to close it.
She turned to take the chair from under the table and ...
... It was a moment.
She turned back with the chair in her hand and ... in a tenth of a second she was standing on the chair!
Grolla was never able to explain to all people asking her in the following years how she had been able to mount on the chair so fast, plump as she was, and how she had been able to do everything else.
But one thing is for sure, she succeeded!
How do you say kids? fear gives wings to the feet, doesn't it? But Grolla still had to give the best of herself.
A little patience ... we are going to tell you as soon as possible ...

Do you want to know what happened to Grolla, dear children? read: under apple fire :))

Have you seen the picture above? it shows some snakes, characters of this story for you, kids! Thay are intertwined to form a chair for Uenena.

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