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"Fight at Pine-House"
Snake shooting

Do you remember how we left Pine-House in the third part of this story, under apple fire? ...
... The battle was to begin. And what a battle, children! ...

- For all the pine cones of Bosco, those snakes are magic! - thought Filo, the gnome master carpenter.
He twirled his axe, took aim and ... zac ... cut the head of a snake. The snake disappeared and ... two snakes reappeared.
And so those devilish creatures seemed also to tease him. - Tse! -
The other gnomes, not so precise, often failed their target and their axes fell here and there. But they too, once hit a snake, did nothing but multiply all those crawling animals.

Turl too, despite all his wingspan and sharp beak, didn't seem to have an easy life. He run his beak through a snake and ... his beak freed three snakes.

In the meantime Owl Zafferano with all his court and Big Toad with his partner Frog had entered Pine-House from the window. All the other gnomes who lived at Bosco had entered from the main door.

The kitchen of Pine-House became a crazy bedlam soon.
Whistles, shouts, trills.
Falls and thuds.
Spots of custard and sauce.
Muffled sounds.
Beats of wings.
Axes cutting through the air.

- This doesn't work - in the end Cap, the gnome master of thought, came to this conclusion - we need to change our strategy. Let's throw them out, everyone! -
He took the fireplace tongs and started throwing terrible blows trying to hit as many snakes as he could in the direction of the front door or open window.
Immediately all followed him. Birds with wings. Great Toad and Frog with their long tongues. Gnomes with brooms, sticks and wood, knitting needles, rolling pins ... anything at hand but not sharp.
All had understood that at least those snakes couldn't multiply.
But there was a problem. As soon as those snakes found themselves out of the house, they returned immediately inside, more malicious than ever.
Besides, you have to know dear children, some throws were not perfect and so snakes often fell still in the kitchen, sweeping with them plates, mugs, cups, pots, paintings, ladles ...

Suddenly a shadow appeared in the room. There was someone at the door.
An ethereal figure, dressed in flowers. But if the creature was delicate, her voice was imperious.

"Flowers of evil,
animals lethal,
in statues of salt
you'll be halt"

"One ... two ..."
The snakes were caught in the strangest poses.
Everything returned to calm.
All the gnomes sat down to wipe the sweat.
Owl Zafferano and his friends shut their wings.
Big Toad and Frog crouched in the darkest.

But there was something wrong there ...

Do you want to know what happened at Pine-House after, dear children? and who was that creature dressed in flowers? read the fifth part of this story: Viola, the flower fairy :))

In the picture you can see some of the snakes that have frightened Grolla. They are intertwined to make a chair for Uenena.

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