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"Fight at Pine-House"
Melody and the magic basket

Do you remember how we left Pine-House in the sixth part of this story: an unusual parachute?
... For the second time that night Cap took off his hat and rummaged inside.
He liked very much the idea that flashed through his mind next ...

Cap proposed to the other gnomes to build, in the night, a handcart, big enough to hold all the figurines.
They had enough wood.
The next morning, he and another gnome would go to the Thursday market at Città.
With the appropriate disguise of the customs officer, a great magician, and a bit of luck they could have recovered all the money necessary to replace the essential.

While Cap was explaining his idea, Molla noticed a furtive movement on the stairs, at that time in the shade. The stairs to the upper floor, where there were their bedrooms.
He stretched out his legs, but only a little, because he didn't want to alarm anyone.
What he saw froze the blood in his veins. A snake was coming down the steps, against the wall. Noticing to be observed, he crawled out the door, still open, in a flash of color.
Nobody saw anything, except Molla.
- Why hasn't that snake turned into a statue of salt? - Molla thought while, feigning indifference but breathless, was going upstairs to make the explorer.
He would have given the alarm only if he had found other snakes.
There was nothing. No danger.
- Who knows ... maybe that snake was able to escape the magic because out of range. Maybe he was already up here ... -
The gnome went down the stairs and, reassured, joined the company.

We, who know and tell the rest of the story, can only say that if he had given the alarm maybe things would have been different in the following weeks. But this is the subject of another story. A little patience, dear children ...

In the meantime, everyone, including Grolla, had accepted the idea proposed by Cap. Maybe something good could still come from that tragic and painful day. It was the hope of everyone at that time at Pine-House.

One thing was certain. Once again the solidarity among the inhabitants of Bosco, also thanks to the "hand" of the fairy Viola, had won. And this solidarity was not yet finished!

"But you ... are not you hungry?"
Preceded by sturdy touches to the leaf of the open door to attract the attention of all and accompanied by a delicious smell of freshly baked pizza that made the noses of all the gnomes tremble, a funny and captivating voice was heard above the others.

Well wrapped in a white mantle that she had woven in January with the petals of the first snowdrops, there was Melody at the door of Pine-House.

"Brrr ... it's so cold! We'd better close this door! But you ... are not you cold?"

Melody, the next pine lady gnome, the greatest friend of Grolla, was a very strange girl ...

Do you want to know more about Melody and Pine-House adventures, dear children? read more on "Take me with you!" :))

In the picture you can see some of the snakes that had invaded Pine-House. They are forming Uenena's favorite chair.

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