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"Fight at Pine-House"
Is Fral back?

It's been a month since Fairy Elle is at school of magic. What about life at Pine-House and Bosco?

A month had gone by.
How much would they have to wait?
No one could answer.
After all who of them had ever attended a school of magic?

The night before while all were dining, Live, the lady gnome teacher of life, the one who had dared to go to Città many times, had told that schools close in June there.
"In June?" a disappointed chorus had closed the dinner.
And even the tart with cooked fruit made by Grolla wasn't able to enhance the mood of the whole company.

The next day, in the morning, Grolla was working in the garden around Pine-House.
By now the snow had melted completely. The air was clear and bracing. You couldn't say it was warm but at least Grolla was out without a hat and gloves.
The ground was no longer frozen. Soon a lot of daffodils would have sprung up.
It was now time to remove the weeds among the violets survived the cold winter.
With the garden hoe and rake the gnomes had cleaned, Grolla was at work, humming.
She was alone at Pine-House.
The gnomes had gone to stock up on firewood and Turl, the bird friend, had accompanied them.
Live and Crystal were at Città. That girl needed to be awakened quickly. What better school than that place, chaotic and full of dangers?
So at dawn they had submitted to the Customs of Bosco and the half elf, who controlled the traffic that day, had decided to turn them into two kittens.
But this is another story we are going to tell you soon. You have just to know that they had a much longer permit than usual. Two days, given the extraordinary event.

Suddenly Grolla stopped. She thought she heard a noise ... like the beating of a wing.
Her nose up, she looked at the blue sky carefully.
- No, no - she thought to herself - I'd recognize Fral immediately. Some birds will return after the winter, in search of his nest. -

Calmed down, she knelt next to a pine wood to reach better a weed and ... something touched her.
She turned.
The scream of joy - Fraa ... - died in her throat.
She was Fral but she was not Fral.
- But how can that be? - Agitated, Grolla was staring at her beloved butterfly that seemed almost liquid.
She was about to land, but the sides of the wings ... were coming loose. Coming loose?
- But she is losing pieces! - She thought, unable to speak.
- And her little fairy? - The scariest facts took form in Grolla's mind, in a moment.
Fral, feeling sick, had left Fairy Elle somewhere safe and then she had dragged up to Pine-House for help.
Fral had been attacked during the journey, the struggle was violent, Fairy Elle had fallen ...
But who would want to hurt a so little fairy?
Fairy Elle was sick and Fral had exhausted to get Pine-House quickly and alert Grolla and gnomes.

The large butterfly finally was on the ground.
Grolla came up and tried to caress her. But her hand stopped suddenly ...
Her butterfly was coming loose in a rainbow of crawling and hissing pieces.
In a moment her butterfly was no more. Dozens of snakes, half-raised, were swaying rhythmically.
Those little round, glossy blacks.
Those darting tongues.
That hypnotic dance.
Grolla was ... a stone.
Her muscles ... stiff.
Her breath ... stopped.
She wasn't able to open her mouth ...

Do you want to know what happened to Grolla, dear children? read the second part of this adventure: snakes!!

In the picture you can see Fral, the big butterfly, great friend of Fairy Elle. Now she is seated to offer a chair to her little fairy. In fact Fairy Elle is seated on Fral when she reads her scrolls.

Do you want to taste what gnomes and Fairy Elle are used to eat at Pine-House?
Tart with cooked fruit

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