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"Cap and Melody "
The magic basket

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We left Pine-House at the end of "Fight at Pine-House" with Melody saying: "Take me with you!"? Do you remember?
... Melody swallowed the last bite of her apple pie.
She wiped her mouth with her napkin and placed it neatly folded on the table.
Then she looked at Cap's eyes.
"Yes, but under one condition ... Take me with you!" ...

All gnomes applauded happy.
All birds sang full-throated.
Big Toad and Frog tried to croak and overcome all the chaos but without success. They were in the minority.

When calm returned, Melody opened her basket, turned to Cap and told him he could begin putting inside all the figurines.
No one had ever brushed Melody's magic basket and, even less, put his hands inside.
All gnomes, anxious and hesitant, lined up.
In good order.
In silence.
Everyone with a figurine in his hand.
When it was his turn, each one introduced the figurine slowly, to take out his hand soon after, in alarm!
There was something that pulled in there! The same situation who lived when they went into the wind tunnel, up in the mountain. As if the wind wanted to suck them!
Was there in the basket? perhaps the wind?
They looked at each other fearful, always silent, but no one had the courage to speak, to ask for explanations.
The question remained.

Once completed the row, all started again, and again and again and again ... The figurines were really a lot.

But there were still several problems to be solved.
Grolla mentioned them clearly when the last of the figurines was put in the magic basket.
"We need something to expose them ... ah ... well, I've found! I'm going to take my green blanket. So everyone will see them better."
Grolla had the honor to put its spectacular blanket in the magic basket.

"It looks like a real lawn with all those daisies! - said the jealous Katy, the curly gnome who lived at the edge of Bosco.
Katy with her ​​painted nails and heart-drawn little mouth had never given the impression of someone who loved housework or creative weaving, sewing or embroidery. But then she was used to envy, as in this case, the beautiful things shown by her friends.
"No wonder! It was just woven with the threads of grass and daisies sprouting early in March - pointed out Melody that had helped her friend to look for the raw material.
Then, with a satisfied air, she hefted her magic basket. It was not heavy at all!
"Have you thought about what to ask for each figurine? - she said.
Grolla thought for a moment.
"5 Euros?"
" Isn't it too cheap? - Molla said - After all they are very beautiful. These snakes seem alive ... huh, huh, huh, huh! - he chuckled.
"Uhhh ... On the contrary I think that the price is fair. After all they are made ​​of salt. If you want to get more money in a short time, you have to entice people at the market tomorrow - Melody was so sure to convince all.

"Come on! It's late. It's time for bye-byes! Tomorrow will be a busy day, especially for Cap and Melody - Grolla grumbled.
- Well, she has just found her bellicose manner. No doubt about it - Filo thought.
But after kisses and hugs, greetings and best wishes it was midnight when the bolt slammed the door of Pine-House and a couple of turns put an end to that exhausting day.

It was February 29.
Keep in mind this date, children!

Confess ... do you want to know what happened to Cap and Melody in Città, right? Meanwhile, there is a question to be answered. How can two small gnomes go unnoticed in a big city? the answer to the next episode :))

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