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"Fight at Pine-House"
An unusual parachute

Do you remember how we left Pine-House in the fifth part of this story: Viola, the flower fairy?
... The gnomes blinked, surprised.
Their face showed true alarm only when ...

Swamp ... Grolla slipped for several inches but she was able to embrace the end of the lamp, luckily.
She would have let gone in no time. All could read it in her desperate eyes.

Cap rummaged in his hat and, while the other gnomes were trying to make their living tower failing all the time because they continued to fall on the slippery floor, gathered Molla and Toad.
He ordered Toad to make the largest air bubbles he could.
Then he ordered Molla to stretch and throw Toad's bubbles upwards trying to address them under Grolla's apron.

Cap's idea was a success. When Grolla lost her grip, her apron, turned into an unusual parachute, brought her down slowly, just as Toad's bubbles were exploding one after the other.

The gnomes were quick to comfort Grolla. She was tired, dirty, disheveled, with all her dignity lost but, above all, she was very desperate.
The more she looked around and realized the amount of damage, the more she cried sitting on the floor.

Even Filo, so rude and surly, offered her a handkerchief to blow her nose. Not his own handkerchief, of course. He had never needed it. But it was there, on the pile of freshly-laundered clothes, ready to be ironed. But he did not realize that there was a large stain of sauce on it. Sauce who promptly moved to Grolla's nose making her a real pop picture.

At the end Grolla, feeling like a wet rag, got to her feet, rinsed her face, ran her hands over her hair, straightened her apron, looked around and finally said: "Do not you see? what a mess! - and so she found a bit of her manner.
"Come on, let's get to work!"

Thousand thoughts troubled her.
Her kitchen, her kingdom was literally destroyed.
Where would they find all the money they needed to replace things before the return of Fairy Elle?
She couldn't wait her friends gnomes did everything.
She had often thought that some of them would have needed to be wound up. Except those who went to help Santa Claus every year.
Just like those toys with the key on the back that she had peeked in the big stores many years ago in Città. Grolla had never left her house willingly and hadn't visited any more Città for long time.

Meanwhile she was collecting shards, sweeping with the stump of a broom that had survived the battle, cleaning stains ... helped by her friends, lady gnomes of other Pines and, above all, the gnomes of Pine-House. It was not so true that they needed to be wound up. Maybe she was her to need to be calmed down ... super efficient as she was .... :))

Yet all her efficiency and pride had suffered a great shock on that day, so unfortunate.
Grolla took a long time to cheer up from it and with a great difficulty too.
Do not tell anyone, dear children, but from that day and for many years Grolla had the habit to finger her bed with great care before slipping under the covers and allow herself to sleep.
The fear of snakes make us do anything.

But back to that night! The problems were really a lot and there were so many decisions to be taken.
For example, what to do with all those very colored statues of salt that immortalized the snakes in the moment when Viola uttered her magic formula?

Grolla wanted to break and crush them under her feet at all costs. Only in this way she could have vented her anger and fear, accumulated that day but she was stopped by Cap.

For the second time that night he took off his hat and rummaged inside.
He liked very much the idea that flashed through his mind next ...

Do you want to know what happened at Pine-House next, dear children? what did was Cap's idea? Read "Melody and the magic basket" :))

In the picture you can see some of the snakes that had invaded Pine-House. They form the favorite chair of Uenena

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