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A special snowflake

Felted fairy dolls. Crystal, a character of Fairy Elle's stories.

Can you see the very special snowflake that lives at Bosco (remember Bosco is a wood)? Her name is Crystal. Do you like her? Would you like to know her origin, dear children? Then, read her origin.

"Little Bird is impatient and agitated. He is hopping on his perch from one extreme to another without pause. What surprise her fairy will have once woken up!
A strange light floods the room. It is almost 7 a.m of a cold February morning. Yet you can see everything without a light.
Now and then you can hear a strange noise, muffled. Ponff! Ponff!
But his fairy can see and hear nothing. She's still asleep, wrapped in her duvet. A lock of hairs appears from underneath the covers.
Little Bird begins his countdown. 10, 9, 8 ... he inflates his lugs ... 7, 6, 5 ... flaps his wings ... 4, 3 ... settles on his perch ... and ... 2, 1, 0 go!
A tuneful song wafts in the room, fills Pine-House, takes its way into the kingdom of the night and talks to its king.

Awakening song

My Lord, I kneel before you.
Close to your subjects, here are you!
You protect them,
every night, close to them!
A cradle of dreams you twist
and a good sleep it's your gift.
But the night is lower and lower
the sun is upper and upper,
it's time to pass the scepter.
You kept it all the night,
give it to the lady of the Light
that will protect them quite right

The magic moment of awakening has arrived. The first to jump out of bed are the gnomes. Um ... it seems so to them. When they arrive in the kitchen, however, they find Grolla has already prepared the breakfast. Sniffing, looking at everything and licking their whiskers is the only thing they can do.
Freshly baked biscuits. Oranges, peeled and divided into segments. Toast bread, strawberry jam. Lukewarm milk. What a breakfast!
Of course, today it's a special day.
Fairy Elle is about to leave!
School of magic from today for seven days. A week that will seem ages for all the inhabitants of Bosco. It is not the first time. It won't be the last.
Fairy Elle must be educated. She must study hard to become a good fairy.
And she works hard. When she returns there will be a big party and the fairy kid will show what she has learned. But now she is about to leave and Grolle wants she has a healthy breakfast. Meanwhile she is also preparing the trash for the trip with some snacks.
No one has still opened the windows. Nobody asks himself the origin of that light that filters through the shutters.

In her room Fairy Elle, sitting in the bed, rubs her eyes. There something wrong here. It 's too clear. May she have woken up late?
No, it isn't possible. Fral would already have come to knock on the glass as it happened the last time. And Little Bird would have sung up to deafen her.
So what's the matter? She, intrigued, opens the window and shutters. Everything is white. Wonderfully white and different. White as her hair.
White flakes are falling slowly and become confused with many others on the ground. Some of them seem to dance with the wind.
Fairy Elle is excited. Is that the snow? She has never seen it. Grolla will be able to give her the answer.
Still in her nightgown she rushes into the kitchen. She opens the window and points her finger. Her eyes are gray like the sky. Grolla looks at her, enchanted and proud. It 's so beautiful her little girl!
"Yes, my darling " - she responds to her silent question - that's the snow. White, soft, but - she hastens to add - cold and wet. "
Too late. Fairy Elle is already out.
It 's just the sweet, so to speak, persuasion of Fral to take Fairy Elle home. At least she has to dress and eat something.
Fairy Elle can't wait to go out but she submits to the rites. Bathing, dressing, combing, having breakfast.
May I go out now? her eyes ask this question, not her mouth.
The answer is a warm scarf around her neck and two thick gloves.
"Only 5 minutes, please. You have to leave." Grolla says to her, gathering her long hair into a soft cap.
The gnomes go out with her. They make a strange game. They shape the snow into balls and then have fun throwing these snowballs. But Fairy Elle is not interested in this game even if the gnomes would play with her.
She is fascinated by snowflakes. She learned at magic school each snowflake has a strange structure that people who live at City call crystal. And she wants to have a closer look at them.
Meanwhile a strong wind has risen suddenly and snowflakes now are swirling. They seem crazy.
Her attention is captured by a larger and lonely flake that swings in the wind and at last falls on a large root right near Fairy Elle.
And Fairy Elle is so curious ... She just wants to have a closer look at it. As close as possible. She put it gently on the palm of her little hand and brushes it with a finger of the other hand. She seems to caress it. She blows gently to clean it from the earth.
She focuses to look better because she can't distinguish it well. She focuses more and more until she is able to see its beautiful crystal but ... what happens?
The snowflake has vanished.
At first Fairy Elle takes fright, then looks all around. What has happened? Who has made this magic?
"Me? Right me?" she mutters to herself.
The snowflake has changed. Now it's a girl, a very pretty girl. A pretty girl with a green dress embroidered with snowflakes. Her hair is curious, as straight as spaghetti.
But Fairy Elle is still a kid and she isn't able to use well her magic, so the little creature hasn't a face ... does she feel sad? it appears not. On the other hand she has some magical power too.
What magic? The little creature has absorbed it by the snowstorm with all those crazy flakes that whirl and whirl.
She begins dancing and how beautiful is her dance!
"How can I call her? Fairy Elle mutters to herself. "Of course, Crystal. Crystal is the right name!"
Crystal can't speak but everyone is able to understand her very well.
She likes her name.
A pirouette and a curtsy. Here's how she thanks her heroine, Fairy Elle.
Fairy Elle claps her little hands happily. She has a new friend!
What a pity she has to leave!

The gnomes have seen everything and one of them has gone home to call Grolla.
Fral observes the scene. She is happy. The little fairy the Council of the Fairies entrusted to her care and to the inhabitants of Bosco promises well. She is good and kind-hearted. That's what counts.
Grolla has captured the newcomer in a warm embrace. She is already worried. "Are you cold?" No, Crystal shakes her head. And all her straight hair is dancing around her face.
"Come on, my gnomes. At work. We have to enlarge our house. Crystal needs her bedroom. And someone has to think about furniture too. And it's necessary to let all the inhabitants of Bosco know the news. Good news, of course! Good heavens, how many things to do!"

Meanwhile Fral looks at the sky, worried. It is already arduous to carry Fairy Elle, but now with this wind and snow ...
Even if Crystal is newborn she is sharp and attentive, and is already looking for a way to thank her little fairy for the amazing gift she has just done to her.
She understands what she has to do at once.
She looks at Little Bird. She will be able to cast her spell with his help.
First step: a nice curtsy to say hello. The bird friend returns: he lowers his head.
Second step. Crystal concentrates. She concentrates more and more. And magically the beautiful rhyme Crystal has just invented goes to Little Bird's mind.
Someone must sing the rhyme to let the magic start.
And Litle Bird sings at the top of his voice.

Crystal rhyme

Stop everybody, Crystal dancing!

Dancing and twirling
whirling and dancing
she sows the wind
and reaps the whirlwind

Stop everybody, doing the wave!

Her arms draw the wave
her fingers the cloud shape
and as the cream blowing up
the clouds piling up

Stop everybody, Crystal bowing

bowing left and right
the storm is quite
the wind is silent
the clouds evanescent

Everybody watches and listens, silent. At first the snowstorm and wind seem to be increasing, but then suddenly, while Little Bird finishes singing the third stanza, the wind whistles no more and snow stops falling.
"Look over there: the rainbow!" someone says.
They all look at each other, surprised. Grolla is the first to compose herself. She runs back home and returns with the little basket full of tasty snacks and Fairy Elle's little backpack.
"Go, go or you'll be late."
How nasty are the greetings! Something that looks like a tear appears in the eyes of Grolla that is quick to give her fairy kid a poke.
Fral let Fairy Elle find the most confortable position among her legs. All go away.
The take-off begins.
"Hello Fairy Elle. When you return you'll have the biggest party you've ever seen! Be good! Don't catch cold! Eat, eh! "
The latest recommendations fade into the distance as Fral's great wings look for the right current and her antennas orient themselves toward the destination ...
"Beh, don't just stand there, do something! there are a lot of things to do" Grolla begins giving orders to all but meanwhile she looks melancholy at Fral that is becoming a dot ...

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