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Welcome, dear children!

Fairy Elle

needle-felted fairy seated , character of a fairy tale

Fairy Elle is a fairy kid, brought to Bosco (a pine wood) by a magic big butterfly. The gnomes who live there take care of her.
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The latest story

Battle at Pine-House
First part: is Fral back?
Second part: snakes
Third part: under apple fire
Fourth part: snake shooting
Fifth part: Viola, the flower fairy
Sixth part : an unusual parachute
Seventh part: Melody and the magic basket
Eight part: take me with you!

The latest scroll

April's fable: birds celebrate too!

Other characters


Needle felted character of fairy tales

Bac is a great friend of Fairy Elle. He's very little and his face is always half-covered with a warm scarf. He spends his time picking berries and whistling.
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Bertha the Witch is an enemy for Fairy Elle. She lives at Bosco inside a mushroom-shaped house. Whoever approaches, few magic words are enough to transform her house into a true fungus but so smelly that everybody goes away ...
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Needle-felted butterfly

Fral is a magic butterfly that brought Fairy Elle to Bosco from a wonderful place. She is Fairy Elle's godmother.



Martina is a special friend for Fairy Elle. Tha fairy brought her to life from a tender leaf in spring ... nice story!
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Needle-felted mushroom

Ropus is a fungus that Fairy Elle brought to life during a walk through Bosco (Bosco is the pine wood where the fairy kid lives). He knows a lot of things.
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Crystal is a very special snowflake. Snowflake? some of you will know something more about this, won't you? We are sure. Read how Fairy Elle brought to life a snowflake.
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Needle-felted bird,  character of a fairy tale

Turl is the magic bird that wakes up Fairy Elle every morning and accompanies all the inhabitants of Pine-House on their walks through Bosco.
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Sorry, we have no photo of Fairy Elle's nanny. She doesn't want anyone takes photo of her. She is the queen of Pine-House giving orders to everybody for everything runs smoothly. She adores her little fairy ...
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Needle-felted fairy, flower fairy

Viola is a flower fairy, great friend of Fairy Elle. She is a fashion expert, she sometimes goes to town to peek in the windows and bring the latest news to Bosco
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Needle-felted chiar made with snakes

Uenena or Lady of Evil is the greatest enemy for Fairy Elle but nobody knows her. How is she made? what's her appearance? we only have a picture of her favorite chair ... Read more »


question mark

We have to guess you we don't know him (or her). We often in the morning find a lot of pictures, stories, notes ... Somebody put them near our computers in the night. So we have known Fairy Elle's world in the last weeks.
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The Gnomes


The gnomes are the inhabitants of Bosco. They take care of Fairy Elle together with Grolla. They ensure supplies, cut the wood, build everything is needed at Pine-House ...
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