fairy elle : la fata bambina

Fairy Elle's scrolls: the month's fable

“April. Birds celebrate too”

Filo is enjoying his walk. Finally spring has arrived. The winter was long, with lots of snow, and before passing the baton to another season also gave rain and wind too. Excessive for his liking. The gnome has spent too much time sharpening his ax. It 's time to check out the trees under his care. Surely there will be some branches to be removed and a little cleaning to do in the underwood.

Fairy Elle walks behind him. She doesn't seem real to go for a walk even if Filo is grumpy and he doesn't like talking.
Turl is perched on her shoulder, at first silent, but now he ventures some chirpings in response to distant calls. The nature is awakening. The grass seems greener, some violets peep out shyly, still well hidden. Down there, in the clearing, you can see fruit trees in bloom. And there are already the first bees.
Filo stops suddenly, thoughtful, and Fairy Elle is forced out of the path not to collide with the gnome.
She looks at him questioningly and Filo replies enigmatically.
"Tonight ... I have a surprise for you!"

Fairy Elle is exceptional. Word of Filo!

Fairy Elle turns to look at Filo with her wide-open, green eyes.
"Is the story about me? - she asks the gnome - really about me?"
Filo nods and encourages her to continue.
Everyone who has come to listen to the fairy reading is curious.
Everyone is waiting for the magic. Because there will surely be another magic.
Everyone has had the first surprise when the fairy has come out of Pine-House.
Everyone hasn't been able to believe his eyes: pink hair and green eyes! She's changed ...
But Fairy Elle hasn't even noticed the bulging eyes and wide-open mouths of Bosco's inhabitants, too curious for that story.
And now she bents over the stroll to resume the interrupted thread. She doesn't see anything around her, except those magic words that dance to her reading and seem to take life.

If you knew what happened to me yesterday morning!
My house was in total frenzy. In the afternoon all our friends would know Fral and that fantastic creature that rained down from heaven without any expectation.
Grolla was very agitated. It was very hard to bear her. She threw orders at all and finally I decided I just had to get out not to fight with her. Maybe there was a job for me out of that bedlam!
I was lucky. Grolla, after my question, looked at me first suspiciously.
- Here is another slacker that wants to make off - her eyes seemed to say.
But then she must have thought again.
So she put Fairy Elle and a basket in my arms. And then, at the speed of light, she turned to remove the apple tart from the oven and said few salvific words.
"Flowers ... beautiful and colorful. And green branches. I have to do some arrangements!"
I was very quick to slip away ;))

The thing I like is walking through Bosco. We gnomes look after it a lot. We are friends of all plants and their inhabitants. We're a real community.

Outside the door of Pine-House I thought about where I could find the most beautiful flowers for our afternnon party. But of course, at Flower Clearing in that season! It's far but at a good pace I wouldn't have taken a long time. Then with that beautiful day and that warmth ... it would be delightful for Fairy Elle too.
I cross the straps of my pants on my belly so I remedied a nice comfortable seat for the little girl who fell asleep at once, close to my chest. My sweater is vey large. No one would have seen her down there.

In the street I met a lot of friends. No one suspected anything. I made an appointment for that afternoon with all. I was just fine, I felt like a lion that was protecting his cub.

In a short time I came to Flower Clearing. I was right. The lawn is a sea of ​​colors and scents in this season. I could have filled all my basket.

- But what? ... - I had spotted a beautiful flower, but when I was about to reach it out, a bird, faster than me, took it and disappeared in the blink of wings.
- I didn't know birds gather flowers - I thought. But time is running out and I had to hurry. I looked around for other daisies.
- There they are! They seem very beautiful! - I didn't have the time to reach them that a peacock took them away, under my nose.
"What's going on?" - Talking loud, I looked more carefully around.
At the bottom of the clearing I seemed to see a great movement. I approached secretly. Meanwhile Fairy Elle had woken up and looked at me sucking her thumb.
I put a finger to my mouth to ask her to silence, but then I smiled ...
- She 's too young to understand - I said to myself.

Trying to make as little noise as possible, I arrived near a large tree. It seemed that Bosco's birds had gathered right there. At one point some precise words made their way into my head.
- Who's speaking? - I asked myself, looking around, afraid of being discovered.
There was none.
Yet , I was able to hear distinctly.
"Pull, pull!"
"But I can't go on! Why don't you call that idler in my place?"
"Do you really think he is able to make something? ... he's too afraid to get dirty."
"Well, then I'll give up everything here! I'm too tired of this hard work !"
"Come on! Don't give up! Now I'll call other friends. We'll make less effort if we are more!"

I kept looking here and there. But beyond me I could seen only birds. All sizes and colors of birds. They flew from branch to branch in a hurry. Everything was very strange!
Was I seeing double?
- But I drink only milk in the morning! - I thought.
I put an hand over my ear and then the other hand over the second one and then both the hands over both my ears. Nothing to do. I continued hearing someone talking.
I rubbed my eyes. Maybe some gnomes were near there ...
But no ... there were only Fairy Elle and me and my fairy is not able to talk yet. Until proven otherwise. But she looked at me and laughed, happy.

At some point ...
"Ah, finally. I was about to give up all the branch. We can't do all in two."
I seemed to understand that the voices arrived from the plant with the birds. I looked better and I saw a flowering branch that was literally lifted up.
At the other end, looking better among the branches, I realized that there was a real chain of birds and little birds that was pulling it with obvious effort. And among them, at one point, I recognized the pheasants that have a nest right near Pine-House.
And then further on ... there were also some peacocks. A little distant for the truth. Someone didn't want to get dirty ... Peacocks, surely!
And then, when my vision became accustomed, I also saw daisies and other flowers. Now it was clear that Bosco's birds were decorating that tree. But why? and then how could I understand them?

The answer to the first question came soon after.
"Now, hurry! They're about to get. I can not wait to introduce the new born. Have you put any flower next to the nest?"
What a coincidence! Even the birds living at Bosco were organizing a party, just like us. And with the same purpose. I was moved ...
... but a look at the sun peeking among the branches alarmed me immediately. It was getting late and I had a long way to go.

On the path towards home I continued looking for an explanation to the second question. None of us gnomes is able to understand animal language. I tried to restore order in my thoughts. Meanwhile, Fairy Elle had fallen asleep again.
We gnomes are able to communicate by telepathy. One of the small spells that we didn't miss after the "Dreadful Night". But just among us. So how had I been able to hear and understand the birds just before?
At some point I stopped abruptly.
Something was wrong ... ... next to me two birds were arguing ... pens all around ... trills and chirps ... nothing more ... nothing understandable!
- May Flower Clearing be magic? - I asked myself for the last time, wiping my shoes carefully on the doormat before entering the house ... otherwise Grolla could have scolded me enough to make me blush ...
- Or are you magic little girl? -

The party was OK. Everyone was enchanted by the sight of Fairy Elle and admired for Fral! The only giant butterfly with which everyone could speak.
We ate and drank, danced and sang.
Now in the silence of my house, thinking back to yesterday, I can say one thing for sure. I could understand the speech of birds at Flower Clearing only because I had my little fairy, fully awake, in my arms.

Thank you, Fairy Elle. You are exceptional. Word of Filo!

The expression of wonder isn't directed to Filo's story. Everyone is looking at the larger window of Pine-House where the scene of the big tree with birds busy in decorating it with flowers and branches is recreating.
Filo comes close to Fairy Elle. He embraces and kisses her.
"You have been great since you were very little. I wonder why you have to go to school of magic."
"Yes, but some of you must tell me the story of "Dreadful Night". It's a promise, right?"

Well, kids, this beautiful story is over. You're wondering what will be the story of May, right? We too are very curious about it. Every time Fairy Elle surprises us. Keep an eye on Fairy Elle's scroll. So you'll know immediately when we hit the scroll for May. Bye, bye ...

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