fairy elle : la fata bambina

Fairy Elle's scrolls: the month's fable

“January: an extraordinary family of penguins”

The beginning of January. Gnomes came back the day after Christmas. Bosco's people spent winter holidays with great celebrations. But now all are working hard. Fairy Elle is studying under the direct control of Grolla and Fral. She has to read better and then there are the tables, history, geography ...
At night, in candlelight, the gnomes dedicate themselves to writing again.
Fairy Elle is waiting patiently.
She really hopes this time the Gnomes let her read the scroll they are writing ... at once ... who knows if they will satisfy her?
She is almost convinced the new story is based on that strange character with a white beard - what's his name? Santa Claus? - that Gnomes are used to help for so long when it starts to get cold.
"Ugh ... but how much time do they need? - She asks herself impatiently.

Finally, one evening, Molla rises from his stool. He stretches, takes his scroll and cautiously blows ... and blows. Cap makes the same with his own​​, full of drawings.
The moment has come. Fairy Elle takes courage.
"Er ... - a leg drawing circles on the floor, she looks down, her cheeks red, her hands clasped behind her back, her fingers strictly interlaced.
"What's the matter Fairy Elle? It's late. Molla  widens his mouth in a big yawn and stretches his legs up to the ceiling with his head.
His sigh of satisfaction, however, stops abruptly at the sharp voice of Grolla.
"So! What manners are these? Put your hand over your mouth! And then? Since when have you been stretching like this ...! You are not in the bedroom, of course!"
Molla would respond to her in the same way but his eye is caught by Fairy Elle's leg moving and moving. His mouth stops on "What ..." that will be strangled in his throat and he thinks educating a child requires very serious sacrifices ...
Then he looks at his fairy-kid. What does she want to communicate to him? But yes. She is curious and eager to know the story!
The scroll goes in the hand of Fairy Elle.
It's a moment to lie down on the floor on wool cushions and begin reading. Grolla is going to stop her, but the Gnomes quickly stop her ...
Bosco's people can always wait for a day to hear the story ...
And then the Gnomes are really curious to see the progress in reading of Fairy Elle and find out if her magical powers also act inside the house.
And then?
So ... all silent! Fairy Elle begins reading ...

Are you curious? would you know the story in the scroll ?
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