fairy elle : la fata bambina

Fairy Elle's scrolls: the month's fable

“January: an extraordinary family of penguins”
Third part
Hi, my name is Kevin!

Missed the prologue? the first part of this story? the second part (an unexpected dive in the sea)?

"... As long as I was catapulted out of the water ... do you remember when our friends seals play with their ball? Same thi ..."
Santa Claus couldn't finish the word, strangled by a full laugh.
"Ah, ah, ah ... so ... uh, uh, uh ... I've ... ah, ah, ah ... landed, nooo ... ah, ah, ah ... I was ... eh, eh, eh ... be ... uh, uh, uh ... bea ... hi, hi, hi ... beac ... he, he, he ... beach .. . ha, ha, ha ... beached ... ah, ah, ah ... "
How much Santa laughed, he laughed like crazy! Tears streamed down his cheeks. He tried to get up but then he fell down clutching his belly. When he was able to find a minimum of seriousness he continued his story.
"I was launched on a beach, in the true sense of the word. Luckily it was all sand! I felt the hot sand on my cheek. But I had also drunk and I couldn't breathe. At some point someone turned me over ... and began jumping on my belly.
A jump and I spat a bit of water.
Another jump, still a bit of water ... and again, again ... until I felt better. Or at least I could breathe. I made a sign with my hand to stop that exercise. In response, a fin took my hand and I could distinctly hear: - Hi, my name is Kevin!
I opened one eye and then the other. Around me one thousand eyes stared at me carefully. I turned my head, blinded by the setting sun. I rubbed my eyes. Penguins. Hundreds of penguins looked at me carefully. Little people like you gnomes. Kevin handed me a fin of his and helped me to sit up.
Another penguin turned aside to look better at me but he couldn't help laughing even though he tried to hide his beak behind the fin. You should have seen his intelligent eyes!
I tried to tidy myself up, straightening my cap and smoothing my jacket. And that was how I knew Kevin's wife, Katerina, and their two sons Kyle and Katrina.
Katrina is not really their daughter but the daughter of a friend of Katerina, who died a few weeks ago. She had gone swimming where it was forbidden, unfortunately, and so she had returned no longer home. Kevin and Katerina had immediately expanded their small family without thinking too much.
Kevin is a big talker and soon he said to me a lot of things, including the great heat which they were suffering from. In five minutes I knew that I had come across the community of blue penguins. They are called Fairy Penguins in that land.

Fairy Elle jumps and, with a finger on the scroll not to miss the mark, looks around with her eyes well wide and full of questions.
"Like mine, is their name like mine?"
"Continue reading, please - Grolla spurs her little fairy, too curious to know the end of the story - tomorrow we'll read more on the encyclopedia."
So Fairy Elle continues her reading.

Meanwhile I had also learned that my savior had been Kevin of which I had experienced, luckily for me, his ability as swimmer. So I thought that I was in debt and I asked if they wanted to discover the other half of the Earth, Once listened to their enthusiastic response, I took them aboard and brought them with me.
Along the way they confessed me they were hungry. Me too!
We wanted something delicious but around here with this cold weather what could I find? But sure, herrings! I know a place where they sell so tasty herrings to be mouth-watering for all the animals of the North Pole. So I made a detour from my route, soon after we queued up ... for friends that and more ... delicious snack, I assure you!"

That's the story! With a cup of hot milk in one hand and a croissant hidden in the other, Santa Claus walked to his room with heavy and tired steps.
"So those are the penguins! - I turned to look at Cap.
Our duty of hosts required us to go and check that the K family had anything they wanted.
We found them snoring into a kind of tunnel dug under the snow.
The long day was finally over.
I stretched my legs. Well, well. I was so tired ...
"Come down from there that you can freeze. Let's go to sleep, it's late and we have to work hard tomorrow - Cap cried.
Without realizing it I had got up too ... things that happen to guys like me.

The following days were extraordinary. Only at Santa's it can happen that polar bears, seals and penguins can live together, without any danger. No one eats the smallest in that land, except the wolves. But those animals are really incorrigible!

The K family is very nice. They all have never asked for much. Only a few scarves and wool hats for the extreme cold of Lapland. You have to know that the temperature was 40° C in Australia and here below zero.
The little Kyle is a great glutton. He had discovered the ice cream in the fridge and it was always the right time for a snack according to him.
Our friend, the polar bear, was appointed as the official nanny for the small Katrina.
The departure of our new friends was set for Christmas Eve. That night, Santa's sleigh would also have these special guests. The day before, however, an extraordinary thing happened.
It was a rare moment of pause. It was snowing in very large flakes. We all were out playing snowballs. The scene was fantastic. Predators and preys were enjoying together. I really wanted to fix that moment ... Santa smiled .. that his own particular smile.
Suddenly, a few flakes of snow grew larger and stared at the pictures of all those moving figures in the snow. Someone noticed it and immediately began striking a pose.
Cap and I collected all those flakes and we have still them, a beautiful memory of that wonderful season.
You who are reading this scroll, can see all those pictures.
Word of Molla and Cap who wrote and designed this scroll.

Fairy Elle rolls up the scroll. She is thoughtful. How many things she doesn't still know! She would have so much to ask to Cap and Molla. For example. Seals and polar bears. Did they really see them alive? and did they play with them too? She would like to have new friends to play with snow ... already the snow ...
With a sigh, she climbed the stairs to go to sleep. That night she dreamed of snow, bears, seals and penguins, but especially of snow .... There was a great surprise for her: She would have seen the snow within a few days!

Well, children, do you like January's fairy tale about K family? Are you ready for February's tale? We already know it. It tells about a clown in love.
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