fairy elle : la fata bambina

Fairy Elle's scrolls: the month's fable

“January: an extraordinary family of penguins”
Second part
An unexpected dive into the sea

Missed the prologue? and the first part of this story?

The next morning, Fairy Elle gets up early, puts her jumpsuit made from moss and is at the breakfast table in a few minutes. She looks at Grolla inquiringly but Grolla is inflexible.
"Before, you have to study and do your homework. At lunch time we'll hang all snowflakes outside the door and this evening, if you have done your duty, you can continue reading your story. "

The day goes by quickly with Fairy Elle busy to write her first series of a. All with their circle and that strange little leg, with a final curl, that supports it!
"The letter a is nice - Fairy Elle thinks, enjoying her first scroll full of a and ... ink stains - but it's easier reading than writing, sigh!"

The first shadows of the night envelope Pine-House. Fairy Elle helps to set the table. Everyone eats quickly with his head in the pot. In silence. The silence of expectation. And it is still Grolla to give the green light.
Fairy Elle curls up on her pillows and, in the light of the fire in the fireplace, unrolls the scroll written by Molla and Cap.

Ssssst! Fairy Elle begins to read ...

So, that afternoon, Santa had decided to explore the South of Australia.
He had already been in Sydney, then in Melbourne and was explaining to us that summer would come in that land, not winter, as it happens north of the equator. People were already at sea and it was very hot.
In his strolls, he had even seen the commercials with Santa Claus in a bathing suit.
We know him so well that we couldn't help but imagine him in long johns. In a minute we fell about laughing ... ah, ah, ah ... hi, hi, hi ... hu, hu hu ... till we cried. He felt offended and stopped telling. So between handkerchiefs and big blows to our noses we had to recompose as soon as possible.
It was necessary a portion of orange jelly that our chef had prepared for the next day to convince him to continue his story.
Huh ... our dear Santa Claus is a bit touchy!

So Santa had continued his stroll and had also visited Adelaide where he had collected a lot of letters in a large supermarket.
There, all children competed to climb on his knees.
There were very polite kids that gave him a basin and were content only to leave him the letter.
And there were terrible kids that pulled his hair and beard while speaking to him.
Someone played with the buttons of his coat.
Someone else took his hat to put it on his head.
Someone - he confessed - had given him some small kicks too.
Someone else had become too bold and curious and began asking him why he wasn't hot all dressed like that.
"So - I asked him - you were not disguised? "
"No, no. Christmas is few days away. It 's easy to walk among people without they look at you like a Martian. The only problem was the heat and then it was late. I had lost other time to shake off all those kids who hadn't yet given me their letter. Once recovered my slide, I said a few magic words to my reindeers. Oh ... oh ... oh ... go ... go like the light!
Hmm ... yep ... they were too fast.
I hadn't yet fastened my seat belt that they flew to the east and I ... to the west.
The landing or rather splashdown was not pleasant. I fell heavily into the water, right next to a vessel in which some sailors were cleaning the tank ... "

Now that his adventure was over and he was clean and sated, even Santa Claus burst out laughing, thinking about the last scene he had seen before felling into a bottomless pit of very dark water: the face of the sailors working on the vessel!
Who knows if they had ever recovered by their surprise and if, above all, they had recognized that big red meteor that had splashed water on all sides ...
"Ah, ah, ah ... even into ... he, he, he ... the island ... hu, hu, hu ... surely ... hi, hi, hi ..." - Cap said, rolling on the floor with laughter.
We all laughed so much that we could hardly breathe ... better than listening to the funniest jokes, you can bet!
We used a giant box of paper handkerchiefs to dry our eyes and blow our nose before any of us did the big question:
"But who are those strange beings that you brought with you, Santa?"
"Ah yes - he answered, still laughing loudly - you have no idea how I could rise to the surface!"
He told us that, at first, he was going down plumb thanks to the surprise. But then, realizing the situation, he had begun floundering.
"Damn this my big backside! - I thought - how much hard is to do the fish! At this thought I burst out laughing and the more I laughed the more I swallowed water and the more I swallowed water the more I floundered ... when, suddenly, I felt someone was pushing me up and the more I saw the blue sky to approach the more my speed increased."


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