fairy elle : la fata bambina

Fairy Elle's scrolls: the month's fable

“January: an extraordinary family of penguins”
The K family

Missed the prologue?

Ssssst! ... Fairy Elle is going to read ...

Cap and I lived extraordinary adventures as guests of Santa Claus. So we have a lot to tell you.
It's my word, word of Molla!
This scroll tells you of when we met a friendly family of penguins.
Yes, you've read right. Just penguins in Lapland.
Only Santa Claus is capable of so much. Everything began one cold evening in December . It was only 7 days to Christmas Eve.
Santa's house was invaded by toys. A lot of toys. Toys everywhere. It was hard to walk even though it was all very, very tidy.
Hum ... modestly ... it's me to handle this. Extending my legs I do not need any stairs to stack toy boxes or to put, well-aligned, all the dolls and puppets on the highest shelves.
Each stack, each shelf has its own label. Each label corresponds to a defined list: the addresses of a city on the Earth.
Santa Claus' Secretary keeps track of everything on his computer. You can not go wrong. Surely some of you will be surprised! ... eh, eh ...
Computer? of course, believe me ... even Santa Claus has to adapt himself to the times. The children in the world are so many!
And surely some of you is probably wondering who is the secretary of Santa Claus. More about that another time. Be patient ...

But back to that night!
It was very late. Santa Claus had not yet returned from his daily strolls and we began to worry a lot.
That evening we were planned his favorite soup : rice, milk and pumpkin and a dessert he'd never missed: tart with oranges and chocolate.
The soup had cooled completely in his bowl and if I had not hidden the last slice of the tart, Cap and the other gnomes would have eaten that too.
I was at the window to peer the dark sky.
But no trace of Santa's sleigh!
My stomach was contracted with fear when ... I heard the unmistakable jingle of his bells. At last!
In a moment we were all at the door.
"What has happened, Santa?"
We were no longer able to speak looking better at him.
He was all ruffled, as if he had not brushed his hair and beard that morning before leaving.
The wool edge of his cloak and his coat wasn't so soft as usual but moist, sticky ...
And then ... he gave off a nauseating smell of fish ... oil ... indefinable ... Bleeeee! A real stench!
We got closer to sniff better and  understand the origin of that smell  and so discovered that he was not alone!

Sat in the back of the sleigh ... hmm ... we didn't know what they were ... certainly not men .... animals? ... boh .... living beings surely .... but strange, very strange. To avoid mistakes.
One thing was sure. We had never seen them in our lives.
They were sucking some nauseating fishbones with delight . Our eyes met and they immediately showed us they were much more educated ...
"Hello everyone - said the biggest, descending rapidly from the sleigh and throwing the fishbone in his handle behind him. Well ... educated ... since the free launch ... I let you decide about. But certainly more sociable.
"My name is Kevin. She is Katerina - and turned to a fellow, tiny and round, who bowed his head slightly, stopping only for a moment to clean a fishbone almost bigger than her.
"He is Kyle - he said, looking toward the sleigh.
A fin ... fin? ... emerged from the sleigh and greeted us. The owner was too busy looking for the fishbone Kevin had thrown to give him at least a peek.
Next to him at some point, among all the junk Santa Claus was in the habit of carrying with him and we could only get rid on Christmas Eve, Cap saw a cover moving. He grabbed a corner and so discovered another Kevin, in miniature.
"Oh yes, and then there's our little Katrina! - Kevin went on - We are the K family . Santa Claus invited us here for a little vacation."
Kevin glanced round with a look of expectation.
The answer was the silence, colder than our polar temperature!
The thing had not impressed us. We were moving with great difficulty at home on those days. Besides we still had to categorize many toys coming from the laboratory. How could we accommodate another 4 visitors among us?

Meanwhile Santa Claus had come down from the sleigh. His boots were making ​​a strange noise as he was wallking home.
Sgnik, sgnek ... sgnek, sgnak ... sgnik, sgnek ....
He should have explained a lot of things - sure - but in the meantime it was urgent a hot bath!
We didn't even hear his protests. He was grumbling he was hungry but the smell left behind him was so atrocious ... Yuck!
Hot water and soap were waiting for him. Nothing else!

Meanwhile we discovered those strange beings had not formalized much for our lukewarm welcome and were building a kind of burrow under the snow.
Better that way. Problem solved!
It took almost an hour to make our dear Santa Claus return presentable. Finally he told us what had happened to him in front of a bowl with his favorite steaming hot soup.

"Come on, it's too late .... it 's time to go to bed! - the sharp voice of Grolla stops Fairy Elle's reading - You may continue tomorrow."
Fairy Elle 's eyes express opposition but are also at half-mast.
In fact she is sleepy.
She watches closely Cap's drawings for the last time ... Those creatures are just strange but they seem nice. One is eating a big ice cream. She is also greedy for ice creams ... and then ... she is fascinated by all those white flakes in the background.
She looks at Cap inquiringly.
"That, Fairy Elle, is called snow. Maybe you too will soon be able to see it. The time is right."
While Grolla is going to prepare her bed the fairy kid follows the contour of each drawing with her little finger and ... wow ... the magic repeats itself! Four giant snowflakes materialize in her hands. At the center the images of those strange creatures and someone else that she does not know yet.
They are all around her.
Astonishment, affection and commotion. No one knows what is the most intense emotion. It always happens for Fairy Elle's magic.
As usual it is Grolla the first to reconnect with reality.
"A nanna, my child. Tomorrow we'll hang them outside the door."
Fairy Elle, tired as she is, just abandons herself to the King of the night.
Like every evening she enters into a cradle of dreams, populated that night with strange creatures with fins, giant snowflakes and a big man with a white beard, dressed all in red.

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