fairy elle : la fata bambina

Fairy Elle's Christmas stories

“Christmas tree with bells”

The gnomes left a long time ago. The air is cold. Christmas is coming but Fairy Elle is sad, she misses her friends!
Grolla has been thinking for some days how to bring back the smile on the little face of Fairy Elle.
Suddenly, in a cold afternoon, she disappears for an hour to emerge from the study room with a scroll in her hand that is rather old and tied with a ribbon with strange colors: red, pink, yellow and blue.
"Read this Fairy Elle. Filo and Cap wrote an old story a long time ago, as old as our great home".
Fairy Elle is curious. As usual. Her eyes sparkle. She takes her trumpet and with his faithful friend Turl the Bird calls together all the inhabitants of Bosco.
Sssst children! Fairy Elle is going to read another Christmas story!

Once upon a time there was a country, far away, inhabited by very, very special gnomes.
Colored gnomes. Gnomes of four tribes.
Red Gnomes. Pink Gnomes. Blue Gnomes. Yellow Gnomes.
These tribes were enemies and the gnomes, to defend themselves, had divided their country into four districts, well fenced and divided from each other. Each district had its own bakery, carpenter, doctor ... and its square.
All gnomes amused themselves by creating bells. They had the habit to display them proudly, hanging them on a large pine tree, in the center of their own square.
So there was Red Bell Square. And there was Pink Bell Square too. And then Blue Bell Square. And finally Yellow Bell Square.
But a night .... there was pitch darkness, no star in the sky ...

... a tired and hungry stranger reached that distant country.
"Knock, knock!! May you open me? I'm tired, very hungry!"
But every door remained closed.
The stranger had guessed easily that, behind those locked doors, there was always someone so he was dragging from door to door, desperate.
Gradually his hope of sharing something warm in his stomach and heart was fading away.
The stranger had now crossed all four squares and discouraged, but also angry about the selfishness of the inhabitants of that country, was about to take the main road when his attention was attracted by a house in the distance, out of the country, all illuminated.
He did not even have time to knock on the door that it swung open, and a warm and gentle voice invited him to join.
That night he met Berthold, a very nice gnome who lived with his family, well isolated from the other gnomes with which he didn't share anything. In fact ...
The stranger had immediately noticed that his hat, hung up on the wall, had four bells, one for each of the four colors of the tribes. The stranger chuckled to himself.
- Tomorrow, when I go, I 'll leave you my souvenir, dear gnomes... -
That evening he allowed himself a nice dinner, lots of laughter and the warmth of a new friendship.

Next morning he got up before the dawn.
He wrote a note of thanks to Berthold and his family and left it on the table along with four bells made of gold. Real gold!
He smiled at the thought of the surprise his guests, the gnomes, would have once woken up and even more at the thought of the effect the joke he had in mind would have on the inhabitants of that country.
With a quick and light step he walked towards the center where he pointed down his stick. He muttered a few words and a huge pine emerged from nothing.
The tree shook its branches, settled better in the ground and sighed satisfied.
The stranger began waving his arms towards the four squares.
He closed his eyes and continued to mutter incomprehensible words.
And here they were, finally! All the bells of the four colors were coming from the four corners of that country, hovering in the air, as recalled by the large pine tree that welcomed them among his needles with joy.
- Something is still missing - the stranger thought looking closely at the big pine tree.
And a smile appeared in his angular and serious face.
He murmured other words, closed his eyes and still waved his arms, more gently this time.
If the gnomes of that country had been awake thay would have seen something extraordinary: all their fences were coming to new life. Each axis, detached from the ground, had begun to whirl and twirl in the air. And turning and rotating it was transformed into a brilliant small ball.
At the end iridescent pearl strings leaned gently on the big pine.
- Now you're beautiful! - the stranger addressed a silent salute to the great tree that returned swaying slightly all its branches.
The stranger turned and left the country. But arrived at a safe distance he crouched behind a bush to enjoy the scene.

The first to leave his house that morning was the baker of Red Gnomes. He looked at the sky wiping his hands still stained with flour in a cloth. He hoped much on a clear day. It was the eve of the Great Feast and with a good weather he would have sold all his bread certainly. But the look on his face made ​​the stranger crack up with laughter.
His mouth was a perfect circle. White circles surrounded his eyes in the fury of rubbing them with their dirty hands.
The horizon was no longer free. A huge pine was covering part of the sky and on the pine ... on the pine there were ... for all the stars in the sky! ... all the bells, completely mixed. But how was it possible?
The baker tried to scream but nothing came out of his mouth. He looked like a fish out of water!
He knelt and clapped his hands on the ground in despair while the stranger was laughing like a madman.
Finally the gnome was able to emit a strangled cry.
"Aah - followed by a few words - friends, friends, run in aid! Come on! Hurry up!"
Not only the tribe of Red Gnomes but the whole country woke up in a few minutes.
And, immediately, the scene changed ... the stranger could enjoy the sight of all the gnomes running here and there, waving their arms frantically, pushing to get quickly to the big pine tree, shaking the pine branches to recover the bells ... But they seemed to be glued. The more the gnomes pulled to recover their bells the more the bells seemed to bie tied to the tree. And then screams, tears, nonsense words ... but in the meantime for the first time in a long, long time all the gnomes were mixing in a swirl of colors.
In that chaos, at some point, a clear voice got up.
"Friends - everyone looked at Berthold - friends ... may this pine be a sign of destiny? Why despairing? Look how beautiful it is, all dressed to the nines. It seems to be placed there just to remind us that tomorrow it's the Great Feast, our anniversary.
It seems to tell us it is time we abandon all our grudges and, for once, we spend this day all together ... What about? ..."
Berthold looked around. Before leaving home he had worn the hat of the Great Feast. The only hat in the country decorated with the bells of the four different colors.
Most gnomes were looking at him ironically.
-Completely crazy - their eyes seemed to say.
Except one gnome that, at some point, setting his face, went firmly to a table nearby the huge pine. He put the bells he had prepared so carefully for the Great Feast on it.
From that point on, gradually, the bells of all the colors increased more and more.
It was then that the first courageous took off his cap and began to decorate it with the four colors. His action broke the last hesitations and resistances.
For the first time in two hundred years, the four tribes of Gnomes planned and celebrated the Great Feast all together. And since, at the end, they had been very well they thought it wouldn't be so bad to live all together!
They appointed Berthold as their governor and, in the end, he moved into the huge pine tree to stay closer to everybody.
This is the story of our house, Pine-House.
Word of Filo, Master carpenter and Cap, Master of thoughts. Two of the gnomes living in Pine-House, that inherited this beautiful story from their parents.

Fairy Elle is almost touched. What a beautiful story with a happy ending!
It's so nice to know the origins of your own home, but how many other questions ...
What happened then? And Berthold? and his family? and the four gold bells?
and what happened to all the houses? and to the country?
Her thoughts are interrupted by a cry! Everyone looks at Pine-House.
The magic was repeated. The great magic of Fairy Elle.
The huge pine, the home of Fairy Elle, is decorated with red, pink, yellow and blue bells and iridescent pearl strings.
- It 's beautiful my home. The most beautiful tree in Bosco - Fairy Elle thinks so, laughing happily.
For the moment she is satisfied. Another scroll will reveal the great mystery ... just be patient!

And you, do you want to do your great magic like Fairy Elle?
Let us help you, don't worry!
Here's how to decorate the tree with bells ...