fairy elle : la fata bambina

Halloween decorations by Fairy Elle

“Dinner at Bertha's” - Prologue

Hello kids. Fairy Elle is going to read another scroll written by her friends, the Gnomes. Some of them described the Witch Bertha's kitchen. Uhhh ... it gets interesting. The choice is yours. Are you curious and want to know immediately a witch's kitchen? skip this page and read the scroll with Fairy Elle.

A delicious smell is coming from the kitchen.
"Grolla must be certainly cooking something delicious" - thinks Fairy Elle that is enjoying a warm sun while looking forward her best friendViola, the flower fairy.
A few days before Viola had decided to go to Città for a walk round and that morning, at dawn, has hurriedly called in on her and promised she would return early with a surprise.
The Gnomes, at her side, are very busy. They are going to leave in a few days. The destination? Santa Claus' home! and they still have many things to prepare. All food supplies for those who remain at Pine-House. The wood to be piled. The last repairs inside and outside ...
Fairy Elle caresses the great wings of Fral while she diligently repeats what she has studied all morning to the big butterfly.
A rustle. And here it is Viola, laden with packages.
Fairy Elle is very curious. She doesn't wait to open her surprise and listen to the fairy's story.
But just at that moment Grolla calls them. Their lunch is ready!So in front of a steaming risotto with cranberries all listen carefully to the flower fairy tale.
Viola describes rich shop windows full of shoes and clothes and tries to explain the current fashion.
Then it's the turn of Grolla's favorite shops. Viola launches into detailed accounts of cakes so real to make everybody's mouth water. And finally she lets everyone open-mouthed when she begins to enumerate ghosts, witches, skeletons, teeth, eyes ... that emerge from many shop windows.
"But how? - ask the Gnomes - now can humans see ghosts and witches? How is it possible?"
"But no, witches and ghosts are not real. - says Viola - Relax. Humans can't see us. They are masks. Today is October 31 and tonight Halloween is celebrated at Città."
Everyone has a question mark in his eyes: "Halloween?"
So Viola, patiently, explains all the decorations, masks and many sweets in the pastry shop windows to her attentive audience.
Fairy Elle is fascinated. She'd love to have a party like that at Pine-House that evening. But where to start from?
"From here" - Viola answers the unspoken question of Fairy Elle handing her a special gift package.
Removed ribbons and paper, a beautiful witch's hat decorated with many colored feathers appears in an orange box.
Fairy Elle's eyes sparkle when she admires in the mirror ... TheGnomes look at her with tenderness and each of them has only a thought: how to help her to organize a party in such a short time!
It is Live, the Gnome girl teacher of life and good manners, that has a great idea.
She rises from her chair and runs into the study. In a flash she is back. In her hand a scroll.
"Here it is our party, in the true sense of the word!"

Fairy Elle is going to read a scroll: Dinner at Bertha's. Read it with her!

Would you like to taste Grolla's recipes, dear kids?
Risotto with blueberries