fairy elle : la fata bambina

The Christmas stories read by Fairy Elle

“At Santa Claus'”

Fairy elle la fata bambina

Christmas is coming.
Fairy Elle is ready ...
... she is holding the first scroll
the gnomes have left before going
Santa Claus' house.
The fairy kid and all the inhabitants of
Bosco are very curious.
The gnomes and all the other little creatures
are sitting around her, breathlessly. Finally, they are going to know
something more about the mysterious house where Santa lives and his preparations for Christmas.
Fairy Elle unrolls the scroll and looks carefully before reading.
There are a lot of drawings and next to each a date of December with some explanations.
But yes ... Fairy Elle understands immediately. The gnomes have left the record of the most important events at Santa Claus'. In short, the preparations prior the departure with his sled on Christmas Eve!
Fairy Elle begins reading ... Sssssst!

La casa di Babbo Natale al Polo Nord

December 8

There, at the North Pole,
Santa Claus is decorating his house
but someone is having fun!?
Meantime his favorite reindeer is awaiting
patiently for the great day.

Santa Claus is holding a garland for decorating his home. While his assistants are having fun. Snowboard or balloon? Who is riding that reindeer? where is he going?

Le letterine a Babbo Natale

December 13

There is incoming mail!
Any postman is good for Santa Claus
provided he is well in the cold!
Here are the letters of kids!

At the top, next to the house, postmen appear. The penguin on the snow board moves to let them pass.

Gli gnomi aiutano Babbo Natale a preparare i regali per i bambini

December 20

Santa's little helpers
are tracing the route of his sleigh.
Santa is filling his sacks.
He and his little assistants
have made so many toys!

Santa Claus' image changes: he is filling his sacks. The little helpers with warm scarves and hats are tracing the route with the aid of a light bulb ... but someone can not stop playing and go up and down in a balloon. Why does not Santa scold them?
Meanwhile, the sled and the first parcels appear ... who knows what they hide?

Babbo Natale sta per partire con la sua slitta trainata dalla renna preferita

December 23

The sacks are almost full.
It's been hard wok!
Santa Claus wipes his forehead.
Ha, ha ... What are you doing naughty?
The toys are for kids only!

Santa is in the fore, a sack on his side and a hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead. What an effort!
Finally, there is no one who plays. Behind him the sled with lots of packages, but someone will end up loading it?
Uhhh, I think there's a really curious who could not resist ... ! Down your legs, naughty!

La renna di Babbo Natale

December 24

It's the great day!
Ready? Let's go!
The children are waiting.

Santa is ready to get on the sled, his favorite reindeer has put its best clothes. A little helper, ridding another reindeer, will escort him out of his kingdom, and open the road. The route was given to him, so small ... we hope for the best. But other letters are still coming ... do not worry kids, Santa is so good that will hear all your wishes, but ... have you been good? We only hope the postman arrive before midnight ...

Babbo Natale si riposa

December 25

Santa Claus is back!
But where is he? At home,
of course, to enjoy the feast.
Happy Holidays to all!

Santa is tired. He is resting. He too enjoys his holiday season but his little helpers do not. Even you children ... aren't you playing with the gifts Santa left you last night?

While Fairy Elle is reading some pieces of bark, piled up next to Pine-House, seem to come alive. As if an invisible, fairy hand writes and draws reproducing exactly as written on the scroll. But much bigger and in color!
The drawings are so precise that the house, reindeers, sleigh, Santa's helpers and the same Santa Claus seem true.
They are too beautiful to leave them abandoned on the lawn.
So Filo, the gnome ax-master, thinks of exposing them in order everyone, moving next to Pine-House, can see them. He cuts a pole with his ax hurriedly and then, with the help of other gnomes, sticks it into the ground. Two nails and all is done! The pieces of bark are hanging on the pole in perfect order from the first to sixth.
It's the calendar for December, waiting for Christmas Day!

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