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Uenena, the worst enemy


Who has opened that door?
There is a draft!
It's cold!
Or ... bbrr, but yes it may be ...
Curious as she is she may want to know what we're writing about her.

Whom are we talking about? But it is obvious. The worst enemy of Fairy Elle.

Very little is known about her. Nobody really knows what she looks like.
There is no photo.

Uenena always changes her appearance. She hides very well and knows perfectly Fairy Elle's habits and life. She attacks our fairy kid as soon as possible.
But we can show you a thing: her favorite chair where she has the habit to rest at the end of the day. It is made of intertwined snakes that offer a soft seat. What kind of friends, isn't it?

Oh, by the way ... do you know the name of this chair? Sssibilantibusss!

We think we are going to know some awesome adventures ...

And, lastly, we hope that she will not be too angry for what we have just written. Otherwise, who tells you the rest of the story?