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The kitchen at Pine-House


Really, we are all the same.
We have just found that even the fairies are used to eat.
We were convinced that all they lived of air. No, it is not so!

Fairies really enjoy cakes, cookies, puddings, pasta like you but ... Fairy Elle is special.

Her nanny (Fairy Elle's nanny is Grolla) had got used her to eat lots of fruit and vegetables since she was a kid.
And so what does she always ask to Grolla in winter? Lentil soups, savory pies with fennel or chestnuts, steaming soups, bean meatballs (the tastiest burgers in the world), orange salad, colorful fruit salads, pasta and rice with lots of vegetables, baked apples, mandarins , kiwi fruits ...
On the contrary Fairy Elle never gets tired of tasting tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, zucchini, green beans ... cooked in many different ways in summer. Not to mention the spectacular fruit that there is from June to September.
But the real tragedy occurs every year at Christmas when Fairy Elle should decide the menu. Our little fairy likes too many dishes!
Be patient, children, you will know much more by reading the adventures of Fairy Elle and her friends. Most of them occur in their kitchen that, however, we do not know. Our special messenger hasn't yet brought any picture for the moment!