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Post-it notes

We are always waiting for news from Bosco and Fairy Elle.
Our mysterious messenger makes us find them close to our computer in the morning. Post-it notes, drawings, photographs, stories printed in A4 ....

Previous stories in chronological order.

Before the arrival of Fairy Elle

... "The story of the three eggs and ... a little bird" ...

When, how and why Fairy Elle came to Bosco

... The origin ...

Crystal' s birth

... "A special snowflake" ...

Fairy Elle would be about to come back from her magic school but what's happening?

... "Fight at Pine-House" ...
First part: is Fral back?
Second part: snakes!!!
Third part: under apple fire
Fourth part: snake shooting
Fifth part: Viola, the flower fairy
Sixth part: an unusual parachute
Seventh part: Melody and the magic basket
Eighth part: take me with you!