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Our special messenger


He or she is the real great mystery.

You must know, dear children, something strange has been happening to Carlo and me for some months.

In the morning when we get up, we sometimes find sticky notes, photographs, recipes ... close to our computers.

At first each of us thought they were of the other.
Once it was clear that all they were not ours we have started to investigate ... even with a little fear, we have to say.

But who enters our house in the night ? All our doors and windows are well closed.

The thickest darkness. We aren't still able to understand anything.

One day we cataloged all. Because you have to know there is the date on each post-it and the handwriting is very clear.

In this way we are discovering Bosco, Fairy Elle and all her friends and enemies.

And there's more. Our mysterious messenger has just asked us to dedicate a site to his (or her?) favorite fairy.

So through his (or her?) eyes we can follow Fairy Elle's life and you can read her adventures on the website Carlo and I have created.

Do you want to send a letter to Fairy Elle?

We'll place it next to our computers before turning off the light.
Cross your fingers and hope that your letter is sent!