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Martina, the sweet

Here's Martina, a special friend for Fairy Elle.

Martina is small, dressed in yellow and green, with a green belt around her waist and long braids. Look at her picture for more details!

Her magic arises from their braids ... and somewhere else. Listen to her doggerel!

O Martina the sweet,

pull, pull your belt
and seed sprouts out

pull, pull your belt
and extend the leaflet

pull, pull your belt
to grow the plant

pull, pull your belts
to double plants

pull, pull your braids
to turn back the plants

Easy, isn't it? What are Martina's magical powers?
Go with your imagination! Write your idea on a mail, perhaps you may have guessed. We'll place it next to our computers just before turning off the light. Let's hope our special messenger read it!