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Grolla: Fairy Elle's nanny


There is no picture this time, unfortunately, and the reason is simple.
Grolla is a bit gruff (but is it true?) And she doesn't like being photographed.
So, for now, we can only imagine her!
Grolla is Fairy Elle's nanny.
She is always at home, busy with cooking and doing homework.
But her special work is with her fairy kid, Fairy Elle.
Every morning and evening Grolla combs her long hair and gives it a shape according to the season.
Then she tidies all, checks the pantry and sends the gnomes around in search of seasonal food.
It 's hard to cook for everyone. The table is very long, and the inhabitants of Pine-House are all gluttons.
You can't see her but now and then you can listen her voice. A harsh peremptory voice that begins giving orders when impatient for mess and laziness.
That's all we know ... alas!