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Fral, the big butterfly

The magic butterfly, Fairy Elle's godmother

Here Fral!
She seems a chair but look at her more carefully ...
She isn't a chair but ... but a big butterfly, seated.
And what is she doing seated?
Be patient, dear children ... Meanwhile we try to tell you something of this butterfly.
She's Fairy Elle's godmother. Her defender. We could start there. Imagine a butterfly with large and very warm wings . VERY COLORFUL TOO. Have you understood?
And then she is a magical butterfly.
She turns into a comfortable chair for her fairy and is able to carry her everywhere is necessary, flying over Bosco, Città or towards the school of magic.
She is always close to her. She protects her. She comforts her. She reassures her.
Her flights with Fairy Elle in Città's sky by night are mythical.
Maybe while you are sleeping Fral and Elle Fairy come to visit you ... Have you ever found anything strange on your pillow when your mother wakes you up?
Fral has other great magical powers too. Be patient ... you'll be able to know them reading her stories :))