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Crystal or a special snowflake


Here's Crystal! Do you like her? Would you like to know the story of this special snowflake? We've just published it. Good reading!

Crystal is really pretty, isn't it?
She wears a green skirt and has white hair, as straight as spaghetti ;)))
Look well at her and try to guess what is her magic power.
We give you some clues.

What is the embroidery on her skirt?
She likes dancing very much.
Her doggerel is:

Crystal's dancing!

Dancing and twirling
whirling and dancing
she sows the wind
and reaps the whirlwind

Crystal's doing the wave!

Her arms draw the wave
her fingers the cloud shape
and as the cream's blowing up
the clouds are piling up

Crystal's stopping

stopping and bowing
bowing and scraping
the wind silences
the cloud vanishes

What are Crystal's magic powers? Go with your imagination! Write your idea on a mail, perhaps you may have guessed. We'll place your mail next to our computers before turning off the light. Let's hope our messenger read it.