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All the stories of Fairy Elle and her friends are set in a natural park.
Precisely in a corner of a pine forest with trees of all sizes and ages.
You can see it on the home page. Unfortunately we have no other photo until now.

There are a lot of magic people that live, well hidden to human eyes, there.
They call this place Bosco.

None of us, humans, knew of their existence but one morning something mysterious happened to us that are telling you this story now.
We found some sheets and photos close to our computers. Who put them there? Who is it? We didn't and don't answer to this question.
We read and saw the photos. In this way we knew of the exixtence of Fairy Elle, her friends and enemies.
This is why we are writing about Fairy Elle.
"Everyone must know this magic world and its inhabitants" - Carlo and I said each other.
But we still don't know who is the mysterious messenger that makes us find sheets, photo and post-it notes near our computer sometimes in the morning.

Fairy Elle lives in the oldest pine, Pine-House, with her friends.

Other fairies live inside other plants of Bosco. They sometimes come and see Fairy Elle. Look at Viola, the fairy of flowers.

The park is guarded by forest rangers whose office is just in front of Pine-House.

There are other lands around Bosco where other interesting people live. The gnomes of Bosco keep contact with the inhabitants of Orto, Mulino, Frantoio, Cantina, Stalla, Mare and, with some difficulties, Città.

We'll tell you about Pine-House later on, as soon as we have photos of its inside. For the moment you can see the trunk behind Fairy Elle in the photo on the home page.

Do you see the nameplate? and the large key close to Fairy Elle? May it be used to open and close Fairy Elle's front door? What about it according to you? And the front door? Can you see it? We can't see it. What a mistery!
But don't worry! We are sure this front door will open sooner or later. So we'll be able to have a peep inside.

Are not you curious to know how is a fairy's house?

For the moment we have only the story of how Pine-House was born.
Read the "Christmas tree with bells"