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Bertha The Witch

Uhhh ... but is she really a witch? - mumble, mumble - what about her, dear kids?
Witches are very bad, aren't they? but this witch  seems to be running away ... but  ...  from what? ... a spider? Oh yes. It looks like a big, fat, well bellied spider ... boh! and on Halloween night! Unbelievable!
It's strange, of course! should not it be us, the ones to run like hell when we see a witch? Something is wrong. Sure.
But we must have this doubt, at least until our special messenger will not bring us some more details.
Here's what we know until now.

  1. That strange woman that you see from the back, while she is running away from a spider, climbing fast on its web, seems to be a witch: Bertha The Witch.
  2. She also lives at Bosco but aloof. Our special messenger told us that her house, on the borders of the kingdom, has the shape of a beautiful mushroom.

"A house like a mushroom?" - are you curious, kids?.
It seems that in reality Bertha The Witch is cunning as a fox.
When someone approaches she just says a few words and her house is transformed into a true fungus but so smelly that nobody has the courage to pick it up. On the other hand do you really think a witch's house can smell like yours?
Our messenger has also discovered her very secret magic spell.
Here it is!

Oh my home, my nice home,
you, the mushroom have the shape!
With my spell, my words alone,
very small be in a gape.

Do you know what we begin to think ? that our special messenger must be a great magician! What do you think about?
But let's continue with the things we know about Berta The Witch.
3) Bertha The Witch does not attend any inhabitant of Bosco and never seems to have met Grolla or Fairy Elle or the gnomes who live in Pine- House. But the gnomes know her very well. Every time they go and have a glimpse inside her home (secretly obviously!) they reproduce faithfully in their scrolls what they have seen there.

As it already happened Fairy Elle found some of these scrolls. So now all the inhabitants of Bosco know some of Bertha's misdeeds.

Let's begin reading, do you agree?

- Dinner at Bertha's home: prologue!

- Dinner at Bertha's