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About Us

Loretta Sebastiani

Our names are Carlo and Loretta. We' re husband and wife.
Something strange is happening to us in the last months. In the morning when we get up, we find post-it notes, photos, stories ... next to our computers. At first Carlo thought they were mine and me too, I was convinced they were his notes. Once it was clear that all they were not ours we began to worry about.
Who is able to enter our house in the night when all is well closed?
The thickest darkness!
We aren't still able to understand everything.

Carlo Imperato

But we have cataloged all. In this way we are discovering Bosco, Fairy Elle and all her friends and enemies.
And there's more. Our mysterious messenger has just asked us to dedicate a site to his (or her?) favorite fairy.

You are at Bosco where Fairy Elle, the fairy kid, lives. She lives a lot of adventures with her friends and foes. As all the fairies we know, she has great magical powers. You'll discover a fantastic world !

We always work hard for you.

And you, where do you want to start from?

The characters?

Fairy Elle's stories?

Fairy Elle's scrolls?