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The characters

You're dying of curiosity, aren't you? Who are Fairy Elle's friends? and her enemies?
 are willing to tell you a little bit, but not everything! You'll discover all the secrets of Fairy Elle's friends and foes reading their adventures ...
For now, here's their list!

Bac, the berry picker

Bertha The Witch, the enemy of all

Bosco, Fairy Elle's land

Crystal or a special snowflake

Fairy Elle, the fairy kid

Fairy Elle's wardrobe

Fral, the big butterfly

Grolla, Fairy Elle's nanny

Martina, the tender little leaf

Ropus, the learned fungus

The Gnomes, cheerful and naughty helpers

The kitchen at Pine-House

The messenger, our special friend

Uenena, the mortal enemy of Fairy Elle!

Viola, the flower fairy

In short, we can not  find the pictures. Yetthey were here under our noses.
Who may have taken them?